BGHS Interactive Map

Created by Elissa Booras, Travis Harder, and Nathen Robinson, this interactive map uses a mixture of Javascript and HTML to produce a helpful tool for anyone who is perplexed by Bowling Green High School's complex design.

About the creators:

Nathen Robinson is the Lead Software Engineer. His prior code knowledge is LUA and TI-BASIC. Within this school year, he learned all his current Javascript knowledge. This project has grown with his experience and has been a testament to his current skill level.

Travis Harder is the Lead Researcher and Photoshop Technician. He started the project with the most experience, already knowing regular Java and having dabbled in LUA. He helped lead the project in the very beginning but handed off the reigns to Nathen, as he surpassed in Javascript skills.

Elissa Booras is the Website Creator and Designer. She has prior HTML and CSS knowledge and is currently learning Java. Although she knows enough Javascript to help out with the code, she has learned a lot of valuable Javascript skills while working on this project.

Thank you to our contributors:

Drew Fulkerson
Noah Gary
Liang Gongbo
Brian Knowles
Dr. Qi Li
Allen Martin
Brandon Sanspree

Plans for Future Improvements:

Integrating this site with the BGHS website
Using the map to select Points
Point Information Integration
Schedule Building, planning an advanced route
Web-based Map Editing
Creating your own maps online!

Digital Tools Used:

Google Drive
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Webhosting (

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